T5 Triphosphor Linklight Category : Display Code : ATP/T5

Fitted with integral switch and diffuser.

Linkable up to 6 fittings using optional 250mm, 500mm and 1000mm leads.

Fixing brackets supplied to allow either vertical or horizontal installation.

Lamp colour 3400k.

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  • Linklights

    Code Description Colour Wattage Lamp IP Rating View
    A6TP/T5 T5 Triphosphor Linklight 6W White White 6W T5 IP20
    A8TP/T5 T5 Triphosphor Linklight 8W White White 8W T5 IP20
    A14TP/T5 T5 Triphosphor Linklight 14W White White 14W T5 IP20
    A21TP/T5 T5 Triphosphor Linklight 21W White White 21W T5 IP20
    A28TP/T5 T5 Triphosphor Linklight 28W White White 28W T5 IP20
    A35TP/T5 T5 Triphosphor Linklight 35W White White 35W T5 IP20


    Code Description Colour Wattage Lamp IP Rating View
    A6TT/T5 T5 Triphosphor Replacement Tube 6W - 6W T5 -
    A8TT/T5 T5 Triphosphor Replacement Tube 8W - 8W T5 -
    A14TT/T5 T5 Triphosphor Replacement Tube 14W - 14W T5 -
    A21TT/T5 T5 Triphosphor Replacement Tube 21W - 21W T5 -
    A28TT/T5 T5 Triphosphor Replacement Tube 28W - 28W T5 -
    A35TT/T5 T5 Triphosphor Replacement Tube 35W - 35W T5 -
    A250TLL/T5 Matrix LED 250mm Link Lead - - - -
    A500TLL/T5 Matrix LED 500mm Link Lead - - - -
    A1000TLL/T5 Matrix LED 1000mm Link Lead - - - -