Colossus LED

If you are looking for a new floodlight with excellent performance and reliability take a look at our new Colossus LED.

The Colossus LED is a high output, high efficiency die-cast aluminium floodlight that is suitable for large external sports or industrial applications. This floodlight’s heavy duty die-cast aluminium heatsink provides excellent thermal management, enhancing dissipation away from the LED array, ensuring maximum product lifetime.

The Colossus LED is supplied with a remote mounted control gear, utilising a Meanwell LED driver in an IP65 enclosure for maximum reliability and performance.  

The Colossus’s Multi SMD LED array provides optimal heat dissipation and exceptional output. The 500W Colossus produces 66489 lumens and exceeds the performance of a 1000W HQI. The 1000W Colossus produces 132827 lumens and has comparable performance to a 2000W HQI.

The lens design of the Colossus has a specially designed optical lens that mimics the appearance of traditional HID floodlight beam angle, providing a symmetrical light distribution and high output, suitable for large external applications such as sports stadiums and industrial applications.

If you require any further information on the Colossus LED regarding how it can be applied to your project, or the luminaires features and benefits please do not hesitate to contact us.

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