Case Study

Ansell Lighting was approached by Hayes Higgins Partnership to design and update the existing lighting of 800 year old castle in Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland . Bringing it in line with the expectations of a modern 21st century visitor we were tasked with producing a lighting specification and design that met the wishes of both the architect and owners of the site. A suitably dramatic lit environment  and energy efficient design was required with visitor safety an important factor of the design concept.

This was achieved by using a multi layered approach, utilising different luminaires within the same space to create a theatrical result. A combination of up-lighting for the Curtain Wall and round Keep, with Bollard lighting to create ‘paths of light’ through the Inner Bailey were used for maximum impact.  Brick-lights were installed to discreetly illuminate the external stairs as well as wall mounted luminaires to provide illumination to door entrances and exits, including a provision for emergency lighting.

The result was a sensitive lighting upgrade to an ancient, protected site giving significant added value to an already popular Irish tourist attraction.

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