Case Study

When deciding to upgrade the current LED lights in Barnet Hospital, the team had a choice between a range of manufacturers and suppliers. Ansell Lighting became the preferred supplier and chosen to provide products to the hospital-based on the quality of fittings supplied and the competitive price.

Barnet hospital chose to upgrade its ceiling LED panels and decided on the Defender LED IP65 Clean Air recessed modular and the Endurance LED recessed panel.

The Defender recessed modular proved the perfect choice for the heavily used areas of the hospital due to its durability and IP65 rating, meaning it can withstand dust and water ingression. The high-quality steel housing with a welded frame is secured in place by the Easy Fix style brackets and with the frame coming fitted with TP (a) rated diffuser, it provides excellent light diffusion and transmission in the hospital wards and walkways.   

The Endurance LED Panel was also installed, chosen for its unified glare rating, meaning it eliminates any potential glare from the fitting, providing a visually comforting light. The low-glare and even light distribution make it ideal for hospital environments. The Endurance range, which comes in a white anodised aluminum frame, is designed to be installed in ceiling grids, making it the perfect choice for Barnet hospital and upgrading their existing luminaires. The product proved to be easily installed, saving time and proving to be cost-effective, with no major construction work required. Available with an emergency self-test or sensor variations meant the hospital could choose the option suitable for them.

Ansell Lighting was chosen due to its availability of products suitable for this application and the quality of fixtures. In a hospital where LED fittings are heavily used, the hospital wanted a product which was reliable and also cost-effective.

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