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Bassadone Motors is the manufacturer appointed distributor in Gibraltar for several major automotive brands such as KIA, VW, Honda, Renault, Dacia, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexis, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo as well as Honda Motorcycles.

Bassadone Motors, has now moved to its new purpose-built premises located at The Dockyard in Gibraltar. The new showroom is a state-of-the-art building, which brings together both the Rock Motors and Bassadone brands to create the largest car showroom in Gibraltar and with that, the company takes pleasure in inviting customers, both old and new, to experience the new and unique Bassadone Autoworld, which is a truly stunning creation.

Creating the perfect customer experience for the showroom project requires a carefully thought-out and well-designed space providing qualitative illumination, allowing the space to create an exciting atmosphere, which will attract both current and new customers to enter and view the wide range of marques on offer from this multi-franchised dealer.

Displaying vehicles within this prestige showroom, where the cars have been sourced from several major car manufacturers required a solution which was designed to enhance the visual appearance of the vehicle’s highly reflective surfaces, whilst still allowing each of the different brands being displayed to retain their individual identity, enticing those visiting the showroom to make a purchase.

The vehicle showroom, the first area to be seen by prospective customers, is illuminated using the stunning linear Vasco LED which have been suspended to provide ambient illumination of the sales area. Its black aluminium extruded construction makes the Vasco easy on the eye whilst having fantastic build quality and provides true perfection for this commercial/retail application.

The Vasco was also selected for the main showroom because of its opal diffuser which provides optimal light uniformity and when offered with the bi-directional light output as standard, having a 70% downward light and 30% upward light ratio and with adjustable suspension points being made possible with installing the supplied suspension kit makes it an ideal fitting for this application.

With selectable CCT at 3000K/4000/6000K output, in 50W and 60W variants, the Vasco is offered in either aluminium or black, and has a three-year warranty. A stunning LED solution that has played a pivotal role in bringing Bassadone Autoworld’s showroom to life.

Coupled with the ambient lighting, the 3-Circuit Unity 3 LED, finished in black was installed on an mains track system. With its three-circuit functionality, this allows for installations with multi-circuit requirement optimum control and the product features 355° rotation with 0-180° inclination tilt on the mounting bracket. The Three Circuit Unity 3 LED has a spectacular reflector finish, ideal for emphasising certain features of the vehicles on show. Providing additional accent-based illumination to specific areas within the showroom will allow Bassadone to showcase certain features of their products and create an exciting atmosphere with which to increase the opportunity of a sale.

The track mounted spotlights anti-glare design allows them to create sparkle whilst also providing visual comfort, something which is all so important in a highly illuminated space. Available in either black and white boasting a five-year warranty and these fittings working in tandem with the Vasco proved to be a shrewd decision from the Ansell Lighting Design team, not only complimenting each other visually, but also bringing different solutions to the showroom which allowed for an exciting customer experience to be created.

Whilst continuing to explore the showroom, the Krait 24V LED Plug and Play flexible strip added stunning illumination to the refreshments area. The Krait LED Strip is very easy to install which is due to the fast fit plug and play connections which remove that need for time consuming soldering of joints. It is offered as a single colour, RGB, RGBW and tuneable white flexible LED strip, with self-adhesive back and with its 24V input, this offers greater efficiencies and option of longer LED strip sizes. Having a short distance between cutting points provides much flexibility in its use form a multitude of applications.

Small details can go such a long way and when it comes to the overall customer experience, it is often the smallest of details which surprise and delight the most.

An LED solution which might not get all the plaudits but also features in the showroom, is the sleek modern polycarbonate moulded decorative twin spot, the Condor LED. It has a decorative design suitable for retail applications and features individual adjustable LED array’s allowing the end user to aim the illuminating head into the desired location.

A combination of Ansell products truly transformed and elevated the new showroom space to a completely new level and all the LED solutions offered provided a cohesive solution to illuminate the space, whilst blending beautifully into the background allowing the Bassadone Autoworld vehicles to capture the attention, which is exactly how a car showroom should operate.

The beautiful new building isn’t home to just a new showroom, it also encompasses new offices for staff as well as other ancillary areas. The Ansell Endurance LED Panel can be seen suspended from the ceiling on a single point suspension across the office space. Providing a different and under-utilised way of installing the Endurance, with the suspension from the ceiling adding a little theatre to the office setting as they appear to hover in mid-air above the tables and chairs below.

The Endurance LED is a high-performance maintenance free LED Panel which assists in providing UGR<19 (Unified Glare Rating) compliant installations, assisting to eliminate unwanted glare to create visual comfort. The panel comes in cool white, warm white and daylight options as well as featuring an even light and low glare distribution for multiple applications. Endurance is a fantastic LED solution for office environments and comes in options that include OCTO Smart Control and Digital Dimming.

Across the staircases is where you’ll find the Eclipse MULTILED wall/ceiling luminaires. The fitting’s flexibility of performance allows suitability for many different applications and is offered in options such as white, chrome and satin chrome housing. Eclipse has an array of features which makes it a great LED solution, such as its spun aluminium base with dished opal visiluxe diffuser and BESA box fixing points, all of which allow for versatile mounting options. Lumen package options allow retrofit options for 28W, 38W or 55W 2D luminaires.  Available as a family of luminaires in 11W, 14W and 25W, with the availability to accommodate options such as Self-Test Emergency, Corridor Function, Digital Dimming and Integral Microwave Sensor means that you can select the Eclipse which best suits your project.

Across the exterior, our stunning Dugas 50W die-cast aluminium wall light blends effortlessly into the exterior design of the building. Dugas can be installed in either upward or downward orientation and luminaire design allows for installation of GU10 LED lamps.

All in all, the new Bassadone Auto World showroom project was a huge undertaking which has been successfully implemented from concept to completion. From the get-go, they knew the importance of the role light played in crafting a special, unrivalled customer experience. The huge product portfolio on offer from Ansell, meant the company could be the one-stop shop for all their lighting requirements and the many qualitative and energy saving LED fixtures worked beautifully together to create a stunning scene throughout the inside and outside of the building.

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