Case Study

Established in 1948, Burt Bros is an ethically-focused, family-run sock, hosiery and underwear business currently in its third generation of family ownership.

It’s fitting that a company with such heritage occupies such a beautiful building with its own to match.

Recently, they identified a need to install lighting across the exterior of the building. They wanted the building to be lit up during the evenings but had one main requirement which was that the lighting products installed must not, under any circumstances, take away from the overall beauty of the building. The install must in fact enhance the architecture.

With the help of experienced contractors, the search began to identify a product that wouldn’t look out of place whilst also providing enough power to fully showcase the building in all its glory during the night.

After careful deliberation, Ansell’s Rondo HP AC LED Surface/Spike Light was identified as the perfect solution.

The Rondo is a high performance LED feature light. Suitable for surface or spike mounting (spike accessory included).

It’s build quality is backed-up further by its die-cast aluminium construction with textured graphite paint finish. The finish gives the fixture the visual appeal that was essential for this sort of project.

The product features integrated AC LED technology and comes with a 60° beam angle. The Rondo is pre-wired with 2 metres of H07RN-F cable and has an LED lifespan L70 30,000 hours.

The project was a smashing success. The Rondo’s provided the perfect solution and most importantly, brought the building to life during the night.

Exterior lights can transform how you see and understand a building, and we are very pleased to have been able to supply an LED solution that ensures this beautiful building continues to have the brightest of light shone upon it.

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