Case Study

At the commercial premises in Stockport there was a requirement for lighting for an entranceway and pathway. Ansell’s Leo CCT bollards ere chosen to provide light to those coming and going after dark.

Positioned along the edge of the driveway, as well as along the pathway to the entrance, Ansell’s small Leo bollards were installed all along the way. The modern styled bollards, with polycarbonate construction, were ideal as they are designed to be installed in areas with changing weather conditions, especially along coastal areas as the tough polycarbonate IP 65 construction has been made to withstand all weathers.

The Leo bollard has a white reflector with clear polycarbonate diffuser and is available in three height sizes, 450mm, 750mm and 1000mm. They are ideal for residential and commercial settings such as this one, and the CCT switch gives users the choice of either warm white 3000k or cool white light 4000k.

The Leo CCT bollards were also chosen due to their ease of installation. The bollards come supplied with a root mounting kit, but it can also be surface mounted with rawbolts depending on the setting. These bollards are versatile in their application, as they can be used for driveways, pathways and carparks and also be installed as part of garden landscaping, giving light after dusk in green spaces.

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