Case Study

Student accommodation residence in Worcester recently upgraded their communal downlights and emergency lighting. Looking to provide a bright hallway and safe lighting in an emergency, they chose the Freska downlight and the Eagle and Guardian emergency lights.

The Freska is an economic, ultra-slim, circular LED downlight which made it suitable for installation into the communal walkways and corridors at Farrier House. It is ideal for installation into areas with a shallow ceiling void and it comes with a remote driver and a plug and play connection. The Freska is edge-lit which means it provides excellent uniform illumination and proved to be a great choice.

When looking to upgrade the emergency lighting within the student accommodation building, Farrier House chose the Eagle 3-in-1 exit sign as well and the Guardian ultra-slim profile polycarbonate bulkhead. The Eagle exit sign is one fitting which enables a choice of three different mounting options, suspension, recessed or sidearm wall mounting, which makes it ideal for large building such as a student accommodation block with many walkways and exits to guide students to. The Eagle also comes supplied with a self-test option and has a viewing distance of 25 meters.

Farrier House also chose to install the Guardian which provides emergency light if the mains power were to fail. Installed into the corridors, it comes supplied with a self-adhesive legend and has a hinged, screwless gear tray for ease of installation. The Guardian has a viewing distance of 25 meters which makes it ideal for long corridors within the accommodation block.

Also installed was the Eagle 3-in-1 LED Exit sign which is a versatile emergency exit sign which can be mounted 3 different ways, suspension, recessed or sidearm wall mounting. Farrier House chose to suspend the Eagle just above the fire exit doors around the accommodation block which provide signage if there were to be an emergency. The Eagle comes with a self-test option and has a viewing distance of 25 meters. 

The staff at Farrier House were really pleased with the outcome of the refurbishment, the replacement of the downlights has meant the corridors are bright and functional. The new emergency lighting has ensured the building conforms to regulations and provide an element of safety to the building.

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