Case Study

As summer approaches, this homeowner knew that it was time to upgrade their old fluorescent garden lighting to brand new LEDs.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, garden’s become all that much more important as people utilised their gardens for fresh air, exercise and hosting family members or friends within their bubble.  

With that in mind, the homeowner wanted an LED solution that wasn’t just ultra-modern, but could blend in beautifully with the overall aesthetic of the garden.

With Ansell’s Talana Solar LED wall-light and bollard, they found the perfect solution to their problem.

The Talana is an ultra-modern die-cast solar powered aluminium LED wall light which comes with a PIR motion sensor as standard.

The Talana being solar-powered means no additional cost to the homeowner and is a great product for homeowners wanting to start transitioning to clean energy.  

The PIR motion sensor as standard is a huge plus for all customers who have purchased the Talana. The motion sensor allows the product to save energy when it’s not needed and only illuminate when required.

It features two operation modes:

1) 11% output after sunset, motion detected 100% output, no motion 11% for 20 hours

2) Motion detected 100% output, no motion off

It’s beautiful minimalistic design is complimented with a graphite textured powder coat paint finish. Allowing the Talana to make itself at home in any garden.

It boasts an LED lifespan of L70 36,000 hours. 

The homeowners were delighted with what the Talana brought to their garden - added beauty and most importantly, illumination. The homeowner said:

“I couldn’t believe we were able to source such a beautifully designed product that exceeded all our lighting requirements. All of this for such great value for money too!”

The Talana wall-light and bollard is the perfect LED solution for this summer. The Talana being as versatile as it is allows users to keep all their garden lighting consistent as well as providing a great way into the world of clean energy.

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