Case Study

This private residential garden development highlights the versatility and multiple applications of LED strip lighting. In this garden setting, it has been used in multiple places to highlight different areas of the garden and bring focus into certain spaces. This work has been carried out using the exceptional installation services of LH Electrical Services.

Ansell’s Concho high output LED strip has been used for its IP65 rating which means it can be used in outdoor settings such as this one. Both the RGB and white LED options were used enabling the owners to change colours to their preference and mood. The white LED strip colour temperature can be changed from cool to warm white (3000K and 4000K)With adjustable brightness control the LED strip can be further tailored to suit the owners needs. All of Ansell’s Concho strip can be purchased in pre-cut lengths pre-leaded and sealed with power supply connection and end cap, making it easier to install.

With up to 30m run length for installations, there is plenty of LED strip to cover this garden. The LED strip has been used in a range of places across the garden, from under the decking by the water fountain, around by the table, and under the seating area. At night this created a stunning, relaxing space, ideal for entertaining or winding-down in.

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