Case Study

Global Real Estate, a leading company in brokerage services, specialising in the sale and rental of properties, has taken advantage of Ansell Lightings entensive range of luminaires for the complete refurbishment of their offices located in Calle de los Francos, Seville.

We are pleased to have the pleasure of having the statements of Arturo Barrera, in charge of works and management for the tourist flats of Global, who states that "The experience has been great, as they have a great catalogue of products". He emphasises not only their extensive range of products, but also their efficiency. "At the end of the day, on the construction site, being efficient is what makes a company great," he adds.

Design and construction are his two maxims, for which Ansell needed to offer a lighting solution in line with Global's vision and mission. To achieve this goal, several products have been carefully chosen.

For the offices, reception and meeting rooms, the Vasco luminaire is used, a linear LED luminaire that has been placed in graphite colour and with a suspended mounting. "The model we have installed in our office has direct light output and indirect light output, making the space much more spacious," explains Arturo. "It also has three shades of light, which makes it different and dynamic".
In contrast, for the entrance and corridors, the Boa LED strip has been used, together with a recessed aluminium profile, as a decorative element, and both recessed and concealed for a more minimalist effect.

We are delighted to have offered this solution to Global, but especially with their expertise in the process and satisfaction with the result: "The lighting products fitted are top quality products and give lighting in line with what we want" comments Arturo.

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