Case Study

The Manchester Academy of Community Gymnastics is the brainchild of local couple Maxine and Mike Grech. Having lived in the Salford area their whole lives, they understand the importance of sport to the local communities and being from humble beginnings they are acutely aware of how difficult it is for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and deprived areas to access good, safe, inspirational and affordable sporting facilities within their communities.  

Centred on, but not limited to Gymnastics, Dance, Wrestling and Boxing, the centre focuses on offering state of the art facilities to the most deprived in Salford and Greater Manchester, giving them opportunities to try the sports on offer, train in their chosen disciplines and progress onto the team training where they can be supported into achieving their full potential.  

The work the academy does for the local community is second to none. The world-class facilities deserved nothing more than high-quality lighting and we were immensely proud to have seen a variety of our LED solutions installed throughout the building. Here we take a look at the products installed and the benefits they provided.  

Starting with Emergency lighting. Both the Watchman LED and the Eagle 3-in-1 were installed in the building. Emergency lighting is integral to any building. When the main power supply and normal electrical illumination fails, it provides enough illumination so occupants can safely exit whilst also making the exits visible. The Watchman does this really well with a viewing distance of 37 metres. We also made it super easy to install by introducing larger dimensions which enables easy retrofit replacement of fluorescent products. 

Our modern, slim Eagle 3-in-1 is as versatile as they come. It has a viewing distance of 25 metres and enables the choice of three different mounting options - suspension, recessed or side arm wall mounting. The perfect solution for modern buildings.  

The Tornado Pro and Topline 6 also proved excellent LED solutions as dozens were utilised throughout the entire building. Most noticeably in the dance studio.  

In the studio you’ll find many of our Topline 6. Strong and sturdy are two words that come to mind when you think of this LED batten. That’s mainly due to its steel body construction with powder coat finish. The Topline 6 is strong but has the performance to match. It’s high-performance exceeds the performance of T5 equivalents and features a unique opal diffuser design for optimum performance and light distribution. A shrewd choice for this sort of application. Strong, high-performance and reliable. Everything you want in an LED batten.  

Our other LED batten, the Tornado Pro, was utilised in other areas of the building. An installers dream. It’s unique base design caters for multiple installation methods and installer friendly imbedded features aid accurate and fast installation for any application. We didn’t just stop there. Installers also benefit massively from the quick release LED array/gear tray assembly which provides the installer the means to faster installation/maintenance.  

The Tornado Pro is perfect for a variety of applications. As seen in this project. It’s easy to install, available in a variety of wattages and comes with self-test emergency as standard with Li-ion battery technology, reducing charge time and running costs.  

The Gamma LED can be seen on the wall of the stairway. It’s ultra-slim design always stands out and the beautiful matte white finish means it never looks out of place on any wall or ceiling. We designed the Gamma to be versatile. It’s suitable for a variety of different applications and features an IP54 rating which allows the Gamma to be used in bathrooms amongst other places. Not only is it versatile, but we incorporated a rear fixing bracket and terminal housing for ease of installation. Giving installers a hassle-free experience.  

The final product in focus is our Comfort LED DownlightThe Comfort was designed with performance at the heart of it. A downlight jam-packed with features.  

It features Osram LED technology and has an enhanced diffuser design for outstanding uniformityprovides both 3000K and 4000K colour temperature options, allows installation into existing hole cut-outs from 200mm to 220mm and is made from polycarbonate with unique thermal management for durability and optimum lifespan. If that’s not enough then it’s also dimmable and has Emergency options. Oh, it’s LED lifespan of 50,000 hours isn’t bad either. The Comfort was perfect for this application where high-output was required.  

We pride ourselves on having LED solutions for every problem. Our wide ranging product portfolio can deliver high-quality products for any environment. The Manchester Academy project is testament to that.  

The Academy benefitted greatly from our energy efficient products. It’ll allow them to save valuable money throughout the years that can be further invested in other areas. Not only that, the reliability of our products along with their build quality will see them last many years providing incredible value for money. Overall, the project was a massive success and the Manchester Gymnastics Academy are now equipped with modern LED solutions.  


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