Case Study

A modern, private company office located in Birmingham has recently undergone a lighting overhaul. The importance of workspace lighting is now widely accepted. The right lighting has a direct impact on mood, energy level and productivity.

Lighting too bright will cause strain on employee eyes and can cause migraines, whilst lighting to dim will make employees feel tired and lethargic.

It’s imperative that companies take into consideration every element of the workspace design. It’s never been so important to install the correct lighting. Getting the lighting element right can lead to more energised and creative employees and ensure they are firing on all cylinders.

Taking all this into account, the project required a variety of lighting solutions. That’s where we came in. With our deep expertise and vast product portfolio, Ansell can be your one-stop shop for all your lighting needs.

The project started to come to fruition when a variety of Ansell Lighting luminaires came together to create a stunning lighting solution.

The Otto LED CCT Suspended Linear a long with the Ruby LED hang beautifully from the ceiling, the Boa LED Plug and Play Flexible Strip provide stunning coloured illumination across the entire workspace, the Comfort LED Downlight can be found dotted around the building and in the lavatory, the stunning architectural Eaves LED Recessed Linear light up the walkways, in the meetings rooms is where you can find the Unity 100 Square, and last but not least, the Signal LED provides the all important emergency lighting throughout the workspace.

Taking a closer look at each of these products individually, all boast incredible features but perhaps most importantly, come together as a whole to create the ultimate lighting solution.

The Otto is an architectural suspended linear for office, retail and educational applications. The perfect product that met the private office lighting requirements. Its slim profile is available in White (RAL9010) and Aluminium (RAL9006) and also comes with die-cast aluminium end caps.

Otto features selectable CCT between 3000K and 4000K output and is supplied with bi-directional light output as standard (directional only option can be selected if required).

To provide a little magic to the scene, the Otto is suitable for individual or continuous suspension and is supplied with a 1.5m suspension kit as standard.

Whilst the Otto is clearly beautiful in its design, it has the power to match the beauty. The suspended linear outperforms 28W and T5 fluorescent equivalents and has a LED lifespan of LM80 42,000 hours. Giving you everything you need from an office linear.

Accompanying the Otto by hanging from the ceiling is our gorgeous, slim and modern LED pendant with die-cast housing, Ruby LED. Suitable for hotel, restaurant and commercial applications and coming in white and black paint finish options with a white bottom cover, the minimalistic pendant exceeds performance of a 42W PLC and features an impressive LED lifespan L70 50,000 hours.

The Boa provides the real magic. Coming in single colour, RGB, RGBW and tuneable white flexible LED strip with self-adhesive back, Boa can bring stunning colour to any environment.

It’s 24V input offers greater efficiencies and option of longer LED strip sizes and fast fit plug and play connections remove the need for time consuming soldering of joints.

  • Cutting points: 3000K, 4000K: 50mm RGB, RGBW and Tuneable: 100mm (only if required)

Let’s take a look at the two downlights installed. Firstly, the Comfort. An economic high performance IP44 downlight.

The name of the product isn’t accidental. We built the Comfort downlight to do exactly what its name implies. Comfort features a deep cut-off angle for glare control and comfort and Osram LED technology and enhanced diffuser design for outstanding uniformity.

One product provides both 3000K and 4000K colour temperature options and the downlight design allows installation into existing hole cut-outs from 200mm to 220mm.

Comfort has a polycarbonate housing and comes with unique thermal management for durability and optimum lifespan. An LED lifespan of L70 50,000 hours.

Secondly, we have the Unity 100 Square LED Downlight. A compact high performance architectural downlight.

A die-cast aluminium construction ensures it’s of the upmost quality. Unity 100 has an IP54 rating as standard and exceeds performance of 2x18W PLC.

A circular hole cut-out for ease of installation and alignment is a fine feature and it’s anti-glare design helps create visual comfort. Making the downlight another perfect solution for this project.

Then we have the Eaves LED Recessed Linear. An architectural aluminium LED recessed linear with a black polycarbonate micro reflector low glare design making it suitable for office, retail and commercial applications.

Sturdy spring clips provide tight and lasting position once installed and smart controls and dimmable options are also available.

An LED lifespan L80 81,000 hours gives you the peace of mind that this luminaire will be fully operational throughout.

Like all the products we’ve focused on, the Eaves comes in a variety of wattages and options.

Providing the emergency lighting is the Signal LED Emergency Downlight. An economic and compact LED Non-Maintained fixed downlight with an integral selector switch providing option of high/medium/low brightness of green charging indicator.

A dimmable switch is included for green charge indicator and Signal features a 3 hour emergency output.

The project managers were astounded that they could fulfil all their clients lighting requirements from one supplier. With quality and reliability across the board, a lighting solution was crafted that will allow the company to excel employee productivity and make a huge saving through our energy-saving LED luminaires.

No project is too big or small here at Ansell Lighting. Get in touch today to find out how we can help bring your project to life.

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