Case Study

This private residence is an excellent example of how you can use a range of different Ansell products around a home to create focal points and relaxing spaces. This residents have used a range of downlights, LED strip, spotlights and have opted for the smart lighting option OCTO, to give them control of the lighting according to the mood and requirements.

In the kitchen Unity 80 LED downlights have been used to create a bright and workable space to cook and also host in. The Unity downlights are a compact high performance downlight with an IP44 rating making them ideal for use in the kitchen. With its mirror finished anodized reflector and anti-glare design, it creates visual comfort in a room which is heavily used. With its remote driver and plug and play connection, it is easy to install. The residents chose the OCTO smart lighting option meaning they can control the level and colour of the light they want, whether it’s a brighter light for cooking in, or something softer for evenings and hosting with friends.

The Unity 80 LED downlights have also been installed in the bedroom and the living room with the OCTO smart lighting option, giving the residents complete control over the light to suit their needs. To create an interesting focus under the island and provide extra light above the worktops, Boa and Krait LED strip was installed. With a choice of cool, warm or tuneable white, it can be tailored to your needs. Here tuneable white was used and in conjunction with the tuneable Unity downlights, it provides a wide range of lighting options to suit their requirements.

In the bathroom Iris LED adjustable downlights we used in the recessed to provide a focal point within the bathroom and to create mood lighting for a relaxing and calming setting. With the 40° tilt angle, the residents were able to manoeuvre the light to provide focus in the recess for the items on display.

Boa and Krait LED strip in tuneable white was also used around the bath to provide a softer light for a calm environment to unwind in. In both the kitchen and the bathroom the Boa and Krait LED strip has been used both functionally and cleverly to create focal points, highlighting the flexibility and the range of uses of LED strip.

Within the hallway several Facet bi-directional wall lights have been installed in aluminium. Providing interest and light over the hallway side table they are a sleek and modern addition to the house. Available in matt white or polished satin chrome they have a vivid angled distribution which creates diversity in the lighting in the hallway.

The various lights within this house have shown the variability and flexibility of Ansell lighting products. You can easily create a range of moods and interesting focal points with lighting as well as still being a functional and usable space to live and work in.

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