Case Study

When SIXPAD were designing their new Westfield London store, they wanted lighting that would show off the products as well as providing a light and welcoming environment for customers. SIXPAD chose four different Ansell products to be installed into their store, the Unity 80 LED, the Unity 150 DHP LED, the Unity 150 LED wallwash and the Cobra LED strip.

The Unity 150 DHP LED was installed in the main walkway area of the space, creating a bright entrance into the store. The Unity 150 is a compact high-performance professional downlight, designed with a die-cast aluminium construction with a powder coated finish. This fixture was chosen due to the 30° cut-off angle and anti-glare design which creates visually comforting light for those visiting and working in the store. The remote driver with plug and play connection, provides quick and easy installation.

The Unity 80 LEDs we installed around the edges of the store above the product displays. With a mirror finished anodized reflector and anti-glare design it is ideal for providing visual comfort for those browsing products in store. With an LED lifespan of L70 50,000 hours it is built to last the heavy usage in a retail environment.

Both the Unity 150 DHP and the Unity 80 LED fixtures installed into the SIXPAD store are available as OCTO enabled, allowing you complete control over your lights, and also emergency enabled, ensuring the fixtures meet current regulation requirements.

The Galaxy CCT downlight was installed over the main display and till area of the store as it is a compact downlight, providing both 3000K and 4000K colour temperature options. The cut out dimensions are suitable for to replace most PLC downlights, making installation even easier. The faceted reflector and optical Fresnel lens provides outstanding performance, uniformity and glare control.

The Unity 150 LED Wallwash was also installed into the store as this fixture is a recessed adjustable wallwash with 355⁰ rotation as well as an adjustable tilt angle from -15⁰ to 45⁰, allowing for the light to be directed on to products and at certain points around the store. Designed with a die-cast aluminium body and heatsink for good thermal management makes it an ideal choice for retail settings.

Ansell’s Cobra LED plug and play flexible strip was also installed around the store. It has a high-density brightness and is available in cool white, warm white and RGB. With a self-adhesive back and fast fit plug and play connections it allows for quick installation and removes the need for time consuming soldering of joints. Available with a range of joints and connections, it is a flexible and adaptable product suitable for a range of installations.

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