Case Study

Source Park is a large underground skate park facility situated under the Seafront in the heart of Hastings.

Ansell were asked by Edmundson Electrical at Hastings to undertake a lighting scheme for the new Source Park with the key objective to achieve maximum illumination performance combined with minimal energy consumption. Due to the nature of the environment, durability was also a crucial factor.

All of the project objectives were achieved with the installation of 200 Stormloc IP65 LED Non-Corrosive luminaires, which exceed the performance of traditional T8 and T5 fluorescent and therefore allows point for point replacement of existing fluorescent luminaires where required. With energy efficiency being a key project requirement, Stormloc  provided up to 48% energy saving compared to traditional T8 fluorescent options.


The polycarbonate base and high performance diffuser maximises durability and strength while lockable heavy duty stainless steel clips, supplied as standard, provide both safety and security to each luminaire. Stormloc is available in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm lengths, each with the option of two lumen outputs.


The owners are delighted that they selected Ansell Stormloc in preference to other brand options, as it has provided the best performance which minimised the number of luminaires required and reduced installation cost.

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