Case Study

Willows Veterinary Hospital is an award-winning veterinarian based in Northwich. They have been a core part of the Hartford community for over 50 years and are currently accredited with a Tier 3 Hospital Status from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon - the highest possible accolade.

With the Hospital seeing high footfall, it was imperative for the correct lighting to be installed to illuminate the walkways. After some deliberation, it was clear that to cover the whole area there must be a combination of products.

This was easily achieved with our large portfolio of products across numerous categories. We can supply a wide range of quality LED solutions. Whether that be a 1000w floodlight or a 1w downlight.

Across our product portfolio, the team overseeing the installation were able to identify three different products that met their lighting requirements whilst also remaining visually appealing.

At the very front of the building, located at the steps, you will find our stunning Monza Inox Stainless Steel Bollard. The Monza strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Visually, the bollard is sleek with both classic and modern touches.

However, the stainless-steel housing is not just for its visual appeal; we take enormous pride in creating products rich in build quality. One of the main reasons stainless steel is most sought after is its strength, which it retains at both very high and very low temperatures.

When designing the Monza, we also kept in mind recyclability. Once the Monza has outlived its purpose, its stainless-steel housing can be fully recycled.

Additionally, it comes in a variety of sizes (450mm, 750mm, 1000mm) and features an external louvred head and opal polycarbonate diffuser. A truly awesome LED solution.

Along the exterior of the building is where our Mini Vision 3 LED is located. Whenever a product is placed on a wall of a building, it has to-do a few things well. Arguably, the most important, it must look good. Whether it be a home or public building, the product cannot look out of place. We took all of this into consideration when designing the Mini Vision 3.

Its circular design makes the product appear seamless. We also understood the different needs of contractors which is why the Mini Vision 3 comes in multiple finishes - white, graphite and silver grey. Each fitting is also supplied with plain, louvred eyelid and plain eyelid covers for additional purposes.

We set out to design a product that would not look out of place on any building. With the Mini Vision 3, we believe we achieved that and more.

Finally, to complete the trio of our products installed at the Hospital, the Argo LED Downlight can be seen in the soffit.

Soffit lighting can be a great way to illuminate the outside area discreetly. For this project especially, the reflected light from the Argo would provide additional lighting on top of the light distributed by the Mini Vision 3.

One of our major focuses with the Argo was centred around installation. We wanted to create a downlight that was hassle-free whilst also being adaptable. It has since become a staple of our downlight product portfolio.

It is compact, built with polycarbonate and features a low-profile design. It comes with an integral driver with loop-in, loop-out terminals for ease and speed of installation and has an IP65 rating as standard which allows for a range of installation applications.

Again, to cater for all needs we brought out two bezel finishes – chrome and satin chrome.

The project was a huge success. Management at Willows Veterinary Hospital were immensely satisfied with the outcome. The trio of products, brought together from multiple product categories across our portfolio, provided value for money and above all else, quality.


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