Ansell Lighting and Tridonic Celebrate 20 Years

Ansell Lighting is celebrating 20 years in partnership with Tridonic, a world-leading supplier of lighting technology.

As a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, Tridonic empowers its customers and business partners to become more successful by making their lighting smarter, connected, and more sustainable.

Today, Tridonic drivers feature in many of Ansell’s fast-growing product portfolio and Ansell proudly displays the ‘Powered by Tridonic’ logo as a sign of quality across its brochures.

The relationship with Tridonic has been a key enabler in Ansell’s expansion and growth into the connected lighting sector.

Crucially, Tridonic supplies its basicDIM wireless drivers to Ansell to allow the company to convert its products to OCTO powered by Casambi.  The Casambi ready basicDIM Wireless control technology allows versatile and professional interaction with all luminaires within an area – fully intuitive and with no additional wiring required. It is the ideal solution for updating conventional lighting without requiring any additional construction effort.

OCTO delivers the complete smart lighting package to transform the efficiency and ambience of commercial and residential spaces, with an easy-to-use wireless solution that gives complete control of the luminaries via an intuitive app and smart accessories. Utilising WiZ Connected, Casambi and MyMesh technology, OCTO offers a comprehensive range of features that interact flawlessly with a smart device.

Alec Fielding, Tridonic’s Regional Sales Manager, commented: “Over the last ten years the lighting sector has witnessed incredible advances in technology that enable smarter and more efficient luminaires. During this time the relationship between our two organisations has gone from strength to strength. This growth is based on close collaboration and trust, including international collaboration with our Chinese design team, who have supported Ansell’s product development. Most recently this has included the incorporation of our Bluetooth solution into the OCTO range. This is the type of partnership that benefits both companies and we look forward to supporting Ansell’s future business aspirations.”

Craig Taylor, Commercial Director at Ansell, commented: ‘Tridonic has continued to develop its range in line with current technologies and industry requirements and this mirrored Ansell’s strategy and requirements so there has always been a great synergy between the two companies.’

One example of how the use of Tridonic drivers has allowed Ansell to convert an existing client to connected lighting, is Chatham Maritime Estate Trust.

Chatham Maritime Trust is a unique organisation, set up to meet a special purpose. The Trust was formed in 1997 to take on the long-term management and maintenance responsibilities of the Chatham Maritime Estate, at the time one of the major urban regeneration sites in the country.

The trust has long been an Ansell Lighting user but was looking for a smart system for their offices. The goal of this project was for their offices to have the ability to create lighting scenes and control them for different times of day, whilst also having the ability for each team member to have control over the lights above their desks.

Utilising Casambi technology, OCTO delivered the complete smart lighting package for Chatham Maritime Trust.  A variety of products were installed at the Estate office including Ansell’s Endurance LED Recessed Panel, which was installed with the OCTO integrated Tridonic basicDIM driver to allow full smart capability. The Endurance is high performance and maintenance free panel with TPa as standard and the optional UGR<19 rating, making it a great solution for a wide variety of commercial applications.

Looking ahead there are new opportunities on the horizon with Tridonic’s Wireless Emergency platform amongst other innovative technology that will hopefully help maintain a solid relationship between the two companies for years to come.

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