Ireland Golf Promo - FAQs

Golf Promotion - FAQs

Q: When will the promotion be taking place?

A: The promotion will be taking place from Thursday 1st April until Friday 30th April 2021.


Q: Which qualifying products are included?


  • Topline
  • Helder
  • Reveal
  • Matrix CCT
  • Pace
  • Cyclone
  • Eden
  • Vantage
  • Disco Slim CCT range


Q: Are accessories included?

A: No, product accessories are not included in the qualifying products.


Q: How do I qualify for a golf goodie pack?

A: Place an order with Ansell with a minimum order value as agreed with your Ansell ASM, which includes any of the qualifying products mentioned. Orders can include any variation of qualifying products, but orders must be over the minimum value agreed in order to qualify for a pack.


Q: My order also includes non-qualifying products, can I still send in my order?

A: Yes, as long as your order includes at least the minimum amount of qualifying products, your order will still qualify for a goodie bag.


Q: I have a qualifying order, how do I get my goodie bag?

A: Simply pass your qualifying order to your local Area Sales Manager, marked as ‘Golf promotion’ along with your contact details and delivery address. Your local Area Sales Manager will then deliver your goodie bag.

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