OCTO Indoor CCT/RGBW Controller 12-24V Category : Connected Code : AOCTO/RGBW/BTC

12-24V bluetooth smart controller

Compatible with Krait, Boa, Adder and Cobra LED strip

Compatible with all other bluetooth OCTO Casambi devices as part of the OCTO ecosystem

Option to use externally within a waterproof enclosure

Timed colour alert or changes for different daily events

Initial start up provides the user with options for RGBW, RGB, tunable white and single colour

Shared/common positive output with 4 negatives outputs allow for 4 channel control

App commissioning includes full control, dimming, scene setting and pre-set timer

Settings easily commissioned by a smart device via the OCTO app

Bluetooth wireless mesh ensures reliable and fast operation. Range between devices: 15m internal 30m external**. **Range is dependent on surroundings and obstacles, such as walls and building materials.

Lamp : N/A
Colour : N/A
Wattage : 72W - 12V, 144W - 24V
Warranty : 5